Legal Support

The NBTA can assist Bargee Travellers in some legal issues on the strength of our experience and development of legal knowledge. However we must stress that we are not lawyers and are not licensed as such. The Courts take a dim view of lay people purporting to be lawyers but who are not trained, because lawyers receive years of training and experience gathering.

This does not diminish however the expertise that we have gathered and this can be very helpful to someone with no idea of who to turn to for help. In certain circumstances we can act as a “MacKenzie Friend” – someone who can assist in a court hearing and, with the permission of the Court, speak on behalf of the party – but this is only in specific circumstances and we do so as a measure of last recourse.

We encourage parties with legal difficulties to contact one of the two law firms that we recommend that have specific expertise relating to Bargee Traveller difficulties. We can provide details on request.

We are preparing a “Boaters Legal Handbook” that is being reviewed by a number of lawyers and barristers and is supported by Garden Court Chambers. As we write it we will be publishing the electronic version here on the Site.