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The National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA) is a volunteer organisation formed in 2009 that campaigns and provides advice for itinerant boat dwellers on Britain’s inland and coastal waterways. This includes anyone whose home is a boat and who does not have a permanent mooring for their boat with planning permission for residential use.

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What we do

The NBTA is an organisation open to all but is run by and extends a welcome to those who live on their boats and travel, 12 months a year and as part of their lifestyle, in other words not just for the summer and not just for fun. NBTA members have made a choice to live on a boat as opposed to bricks and mortar but this choice is regularly made for them by ever escalating house prices and the oppressive nature of modern life.

Founded in 2009 in the Reading area, the NBTA is seeking to represent the interests of Bargee Travellers far and wide and welcomes participants irrespective of location. The NBTA also welcomes contact from other boating interest groups.

The NBTA seeks to represent the interests of all live aboard boat dwellers – “Bargee Travellers” – in respect to upholding our chosen way of life. Being a Bargee Traveller is not a lifestyle taken on lightly and we seek to ease its additional burdens.

The NBTA seeks to uphold the rights of all Bargee Travellers including recognition as a protected minority group both in law and in society. Following from recognition in law grows a range of rights all too regularly trodden underfoot by local and central Government and the NBTA seeks to see the rights of Bargee Travellers upheld. The NBTA also engages in lobbying central and local Government to improve conditions for Bargee Travellers.

Where a Bargee Traveller suffers a marine trauma the NBTA seeks to assist the member to recover from the trauma. Someone else’s trauma today could so easily be one’s own trauma tomorrow.

NBTA members may be nomadic but are also members of the local community. A significant number of members are artists and displaying artwork engages with the local community and contributes to the cultural mix that any society represents.

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