Energy Bills Support Campaign

Despite government promises not to leave anyone out in the cold this winter, itinerant boat dwellers and tens of thousands of others across the country have been locked out of receiving a penny towards their spiraling fuel costs, whilst second home owners have received £200 million of taxpayers money to heat homes they don’t even live in.

We believe that this is deeply unfair, actively discriminatory and we can’t let the government get away with it.

Please support our campaign to hold the government to their word by:

Writing to your local MP or councillors via this link, using this template.

Emailing to join our organising WhatsApp/offer any other skills or experience to the campaign.

Donating to the NBTA so we can continue to campaign for the rights of itinerant boat dwellers.

We’re sick of empty promises. We’re sick of being ignored. Help us to make the voices of itinerant boat dwellers heard!

Latest news

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Itinerant boat dwellers on CRT waters to get Energy Bills Support – UPDATE – The deadline to make sure your details are correct with CRT has been extended to Monday 28th August!

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Join us as we hand in Energy Bills Support Scheme petition on 19th June!

The energy grant protest flotilla has reached London!

Energy grant protest flotilla under way

Canal flotilla heads to London in protest at exclusion from Government fuel grant

A call to action – watch the video!

Energy Bills Support Scheme: Court cases started

Itinerant boat dwellers locked out of energy grants – guidance on what to do next – download here

Please download and print this poster for your boat window! Download here Energy 2023-02-07_Grant_poster_v2