All members invited to NBTA Committee phone/Zoom meeting 9th October

All NBTA members are invited to the NBTA Committee meeting which will be held by telephone and by Zoom on Sunday 9th October 2022 at 2pm to 4pm. Members are invited to attend committee meetings and to take part in running the NBTA and deciding its next actions and priorities. This is the last Committee meeting before the NBTA General Meeting on 22nd October, so please attend if you are interested in joining the NBTA Committee at the General Meeting and we can answer your questions about the role.

If you have anything you want to put on the agenda, please email or phone 0118 321 4128 by 5pm on Saturday 8th October.

Due to Covid-19 the meeting will be held by telephone and Zoom, you will be able to take part either by phone or by Zoom, whichever works best for you. The phone numbers and Zoom link are below. We look forward to speaking with you on 9th October.

Link to join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 625 343 7101

Passcode: dt6c3E

Dial any of these numbers to join the meeting by phone from within the UK:

0208 080 6592

0330 088 5830

0131 460 1196

0203 481 5237

0203 481 5240

0203 901 7895

0208 080 6591

Meeting ID: 625 343 7101

Passcode: 075529

If you’re not in the UK, find the local number here