Boaters marched in Birmingham!

Huge thank you to everyone who came to the National Demo in Birmingham on Saturday! We had an amazing day and a fantastic turnout – over one hundred boaters joined us to march on CRT’s offices against the licence fee surcharge. There was a great contingent of boats with banners. Brilliant pictures below!
Big thanks to all of those who organised it and helped out on the day too! We can’t do these events without you!
We were able to get the issue in a range of press including ITV, BBC and local press.
Don’t let them price us off the water!
We’ve got more plans ahead, so please do join the campaign!


Pamela Smith, Chair of the NBTA, said: “CRT’s latest attack on the travelling boater community is discriminatory, unpopular, financially illiterate and quite possibly unlawful – none of which comes as a surprise given the Trust’s increasingly chaotic mismanagement, and desperate attempts to distract from it in any way they can. This time, however, they’ve only strengthened the resolve of many in the boater community -both with and without home moorings – to resist their attempts to eradicate our whole way of life and demand one licence for all. Hundreds have actively joined the campaign of resistance so far, and anger with the Trust is at a fever pitch. The NBTA are helping to channel this energy, and to ensure that – just like every other time CRT or British Waterways before them have tried to get rid of our community – we stand united, strong and victorious in our opposition.”