Cambridge meeting to counter Council’s eviction plans, 4th November

NBTA River Cam has called a meeting on Friday 4th November at 5pm for all those who are likely to be affected by Cambridge City Council’s latest proposals which will result in eviction from the city for many Bargee Travellers. The purpose of the meeting, at the Haymakers, 54 High St, Chesterton, CB4 1NG, is to share ideas to counter the Council’s proposals. The meeting is for people on the River Cam, including those on the Railings on Riverside, and for those others in solidarity.


We will also have available at the meeting;
– Paper copies of the consultation survey
– NBTA membership forms
– Petition to sign
– Contact sheets for individual casework eg council tax

If you would like to be added to the NBTA River Cam email list please email

The Council is holding a consultation on these proposals between 27th October 2016 and 20th January 2017. See

This is the link to the online consultation survey; paper copies are also available:

At the beginning of October the City Council announced changes to mooring on the River Cam which could make significant numbers of Bargee Travellers homeless, including families with children who have been waiting for years on the highly controversial council mooring waiting list. These proposals include banning boats from mooring on Riverside, despite a previous policy decision to regularise these moorings with residential mooring licences, and increases in mooring fees. The proposals show that the council intends to criminalise, prosecute and evict Bargee Travellers from the river if they do not have a mooring or a residential mooring licence.

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