CRT report on boat numbers in London: initial statement from NBTA London branch

Initial statement from NBTA London concerning the results of CRT’s managing boater numbers in London stage one ‘engagement’ exercise:

“Canal & River Trust (CRT) has today published the first results of its recent stage one engagement survey of stakeholders concerning the “management” of boater numbers in London. When CRT launched the survey, NBTA London pointed out that much of it consisted of leading questions, and that the whole consultation was couched in language which cast boaters, and especially liveaboard boaters without a home mooring, in a negative light.

As expected, CRT is now using this flawed survey to justify any future attack they decide to make on how boaters live their lives on London’s waterways. NBTA London will continue to campaign against any measures CRT choose to implement which may have a negative affect on the lives and well being of boaters in the capital”.


CRT’s report on the consultation is here: 43143-busy-london-stage-one-engagement-report

Many respondents criticised CRT for making the proposals before the majority of the recommendations in the 2018 London Mooring Strategy had been implemented. This may have triggered CRT to release the additional reports on the London Mooring Strategy here: