Don’t let CRT price us off the water! Consultation deadline 6th April

Canal & River Trust (CRT) has produced a consultation survey in which they ask boaters whether people without home moorings should pay higher licence fees than people with home moorings, as well as other leading and divisive questions. CRT planning to increase the boat licence by more than the rate of inflation is abhorrent, especially when many of us will know that CRT misspends and wastes money. However, the most horrendous tactic of this CRT survey is the use of very leading questions that appear to have been designed to divide the boating community. If CRT gets away with pricing boats without home moorings differently, ie at a higher rate, they would be able to price us out of existence while not charging boats with home moorings the same amount. We must be united and not allow CRT to divide us.

We have gone through the survey to provide suggested answers to help people orient themselves through CRT’s leading and biased questions.

Download the PDF for NBTA answers for CRT consultation – Final

Please fill in the survey CRT has emailed you. It may be hard to find in your emails; search your inbox or spam for ‘Canal & River Trust – Consultation Survey on Boat Licence Fees’ from a company called DJS Research. If you haven’t received a link to the survey, or a postal version if CRT don’t have your email address, phone CRT customer services on 03030 404040 to request one.

NBTA answers for CRT consultation – Final

Help get the word out!

We need as many people as possible on CRT waterways to fill in the survey to show CRT we will not let them price us off the waterways. A leaflet to let people know about the survey and ask people to fill it in is in its final design stage and shall be going to print on Wednesday. We need to get this to as many boaters as possible. Can you help hand leaflets to boats? If so, please let us know by emailing saying where you can do it and how many you need.