Itinerant boat dwellers on CRT waters to get Energy Bills Support – deadline extended to Mon 28th Aug

UPDATE – The deadline to make sure your details are correct with CRT has been extended to Monday 28th August!

After great efforts of NBTA and others campaigning for the energy grant, many itinerant boat dwellers on Canal & River Trust (CRT) waterways can now get £600 each! Amazing news for itinerant boaters ! The Department for Energy and Net Zero (ESNZ) and CRT made an announcement yesterday (17th August 2023) that 7,000  liveaboard boaters without a home mooring will receive a voucher redeemable for cash of £600.

Together we campaigned for the community and we finally won! This was the result of a concerted effort by dedicated people who took up the fight for inclusion. Their efforts are celebrated by us all.

Due to pressure put on the Government by the NBTA and others, if you held a licence as a “continuous cruiser” for a minimum of one day between 27th February 2023 and 31st May 2023 on Canal & River Trust waterways, you will now get one voucher of £600 for the energy grant. This includes £400 for Energy Bills Support Scheme – Alternative Funding and £200 for Alternative Fuels Payment –  Alternative Funding (no receipts necessary). If you sold your boat during this period then you will still get the grant retrospectively.

VITALLY IMPORTANT: CRT is handing the database of eligible boaters over to ESNZ on Monday 28th August. To get a voucher you MUST be on the list and (in order of preference) for your e-mail address, phone number and postal address to be up-to-date. CRT have asked that you confirm your details either by using your on-line CRT account or call CRT Customer Service on 03030 40 40 40 option1. YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE MONDAY 28th AUGUST. If you need help with this, email or call 0118 321 4128 to get help from us. ESNZ have informed the NBTA that vouchers will be sent (in order of preference) to (a) an e-mail address (first option); (b) if no e-mail address then by SMS to the phone number (second option); or (c) (if no e-mail or phone) by post to the registered postal address (third option). There appears to be no fourth option.

In spite of what the Minster said in June 2022, that all households would get the grant, the voucher scheme only helps itinerant liveaboard boaters who were licensed as itinerants on CRT water in February, March, April or May 2023: 7,000 people out of a liveaboard boater population of between 30,000 and 50,000. If you miss out because you were not licensed by CRT during this period, or for any other reason, and you think you are eligible for Legal Aid, please contact the NBTA by e-mail or phone.