Energy Grant online/ phone campaign meeting 22nd February

Itinerant boat dwellers are now specifically excluded from Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding. The only way our community will get the grant is if we campaign for it. Please come to the next campaign meeting:

The next energy campaign meeting will be on Wednesday February 22nd 2023 at 7pm. The meeting will be held online and by phone to maximise participation. Here are the joining details:


Alternatively, you can take part by phone:

Phone this number – 0330 808 1706 – and key in this PIN number – 45925961#

Unlike the majority of people of this country we are still left without the energy grant. The Government’s web page here

states that “You also cannot apply for a discount if you live:…..on a boat with a continuous cruising licence”. This is despite the fact that the NBTA and other groups have been discussing with MPs and Government officials for almost four months to try to get us included. The Government has failed to create a credible method for itinerant off-grid boat and caravan / vehicle dwellers to access the grant, even though second homeowners received grants for both of their homes months ago.

Be involved in campaigning to get the energy grant. Please join our Whatsapp campaign group via this link

Please keep signing and sharing this petition: