Low water levels on EA and CRT waterways

Water shortages and navigation restrictions

Due to water shortages caused by prolonged dry weather, navigation on many inland waterways is being restricted. The Environment Agency (EA) has introduced restricted opening times for some locks and has issued an alert for low flows on the River Thames, advising boaters that “Water levels in the non-tidal River Thames may be shallower than you are used to in some places. With this in mind we are asking boaters to take extra care, especially immediately downstream of locks where the natural gradient of the river means levels are always slightly lower than elsewhere in the reach. Our lock and weir keepers or volunteer assistant lock keepers will advise you of any known shallow areas ahead of you”. Water levels and flows on the Rivers Nene and Stour in the EA Anglian region are also low. The EA advice for boaters on the Thames is here: 220722 Boater briefing – Low flows in the non-tidal River Thames and impacts on boating, update 1

See also https://environmentagency.blog.gov.uk/2022/08/05/environment-agency-taking-action-during-prolonged-dry-weather/

CRT announced on 6th August 2022 that it had closed locks 30 to 85 on the the Leeds and Liverpool canal due to water shortages. There are also existing or planned closures due to lack of water on the Caldon, Chesterfield, Grand Union Leicester line, Huddersfield Narrow, Kennet and Avon, Macclesfield, Oxford, Peak Forest, Rochdale and Trent and Mersey Canals, and other restrictions to lock opening times elsewhere. See https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices

No CRT 14 day reminders in heatwave

During the recent heatwave in July, CRT stated that it did not send any 14 day reminders during the period of extremely high temperatures between 18th and 25th July. An NBTA member received the following message marked “[Case No: 902400]” from Jane Lee, CRT National Licence Support (ie enforcement) Supervisor: “I can advise that we have earlier today temporarily suspended sending out 14D reminders during the extreme conditions we are currently facing. We intend to recommence reminders from next week”.