Middle Level Commissioners extend deadline for objections to draft byelaws to 18th November following NBTA complaint

The deadline for objecting to the draft Middle Level navigation byelaws 2019 has now been extended to 18th November 2019 and the procedure for objections has been publicised on www.middlelevel.gov.uk
Objections can be sent by email – we recommend sending objections to david.thomas@middlelevel.gov.uk and copying them to enquiries@middlelevel.gov.uk. If posting the address is:

David Thomas,
Clerk and Chief Executive,
Middle Level Commissioners,
85 Whittlesey Road
March PE15 0AH

These byelaws are drafted as a result of the Middle Level Act 2018. We are very concerned about some of the provisions in these byelaws and also about the lack of publicity about the consultation, which was not advertised on the Commissioners’ web site.We strongly urge as many Bargee Travellers as possible to respond to the consultation.

The draft byelaws are online here https://middlelevel.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Draft-Navigation-Byelaws-for-web-1.pdf