NBTA in favour of action which opposes ‘Safety Zones’

The National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA) opposes Canal & River Trust’s (CRT) plan to cull boats from the River Lea navigation on the Lower Lea and at Broxbourne.

We believe the waterways must be shared by everyone and are not for use by one group at the expense of another. As a consequence, NBTA will fully support boaters who ‘disobey’ mooring restrictions and proposed ‘safety zones’ as part of CRT’s plan to displace moored boats from these areas.

If CRT tries to enforce these restrictions, NBTA will put its full support behind any affected boaters including providing caseworkers and access to the solicitors we use, amongst other things.

The flotilla protest at Broxbourne against the CRT boat cull in London, 17th April 2021