Please complete CRT consultation on minimum standards for boater facilities by 21st November

Canal & River Trust (CRT) has announced a consultation on minimum standards for boater facilities. This is the first stage of a longer review and consultation regarding boater facilities and aims to gather information in order to agree a minimum standard of boater facilities that CRT will provide. This initial consultation closes on 21st November 2022.

The consultation questions include:

What is the minimum standard of essential facilities that CRT should provide: CRT suggests this is water taps, rubbish disposal, Elsan disposal and pump out.

What is the maximum cruising distance between boater facilities.

What facilities you do not consider a minimum standard, and therefore would not be provided by the CRT.

What factors should be taken into consideration if CRT was to provide a higher or lower level to any minimum standard.

You can complete the consultation here:
Or see the CRT web site here:

The NBTA has fed in information from members to CRT’s initial discussions about the review of its boater facilities, including the results of our members’ survey on CRT boater facilities. See 2022-05-15 NBTA members boater facilities survey results