Stop Elmbridge Council banning boats

🚨 Elmbridge Council has proposed a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to stop boaters from mooring along the Thames for more than 24 hours or face £400 fines. This threatens to DESTROY the livelihood of the local boating community. Many responsible residents live harmoniously on their boats in the area while maintaining jobs, raising children, and contributing positively to the culture and economy of Elmbridge and the wider Thames area.

A 24 hour mooring ban serves no justifiable purpose except to EVICT these LAWFUL floating homes. If you believe boaters have a right to reasonably inhabit the river they have called home for over 3 centuries, email by December 29th to OBJECT to the PSPO.The well-being and existence of an entire community is on the line.

Take action!

If you are part of the community, an Ally or just enjoy the rich cultural contribution the myriad of boats provide, please email Elmbridge Council.

Template email: ‘I don’t agree with the PSPO, which would mean that boaters could be fined for being moored in one place more than 24 hours. Restricting mooring time limits to 24 hours would make it impossible to live in the Elmbridge area on a boat. Boaters need longer time to moor to keep jobs, work on our boats, look after our children and everything else that goes along with living in their homes. These restrictions would mean the annihilation of the community in the area which provides such a cultural boon and lowers crime by being a supportive active presence on the river bank.’ We deserve the chance to responsibly moor our homes on the Thames. For more information see