The NBTA is an unfunded organisation run entirely by volunteers. It campaigns and provides support and advice for boat dwellers without permanent moorings on Britain’s inland and coastal waterways.

Our community has few specific rights in law and navigation authorities do not always respect our homes. We are seeing progressively tougher restrictions imposed on Bargee Travellers even when these are not lawful. We need to adopt a variety of strategies to ensure that Bargee Travellers are not displaced, forced off the water or made homeless.

The NBTA needs to cover its basic costs such as awareness raising, campaigning, meetings and importantly, its casework assisting boat dwellers who are threatened with the loss of their homes. Please help us to continue our work. We are very grateful to the members and supporters who have donated so far. Please give generously to our appeal!

You can make a donation direct to the NBTA bank account

You can give via PayPal

Please consider taking out a standing order, as regular income helps us to plan better

You can send a cheque by post to NBTA, 30 Silver Street, READING, Berks RG1 2ST.

Here are some examples of what the NBTA spends money on:

Awareness raising:

Local meetings to inform boat dwellers of their rights

Information sheets for boat dwellers regarding their rights

Public Events and info parties with visiting speakers

Responding to relevant national and local consultations


Training volunteer caseworkers

Supporting and assisting individual Bargee Travellers facing enforcement action, eviction and other threats to their home

Assisting boat dwellers to defend themselves in eviction or Section 8 court cases


Demonstrations such as Boats Are Homes and protests at navigation authority offices

Printing newsletters, placards and leaflets


Meetings with navigation authorities

Meetings with Government departments such as DCLG and DEFRA

Policy formation with political parties

Lobbying MPs and Councillors

Working with navigation and other authorities to gain better facilities for boat dwellers such as more water taps


Keeping on top of legal developments and policy changes

Researching the complex legislative background to waterway law

Finding out what authorities are doing using Freedom of Information

In the future we would also like to make contributions towards the travel expenses of the volunteers who work tirelessly to attend meetings with policy makers, navigation authorities and local councils.

Thank you!