Updated NBTA briefing on CRT boater census

Apologies, the NBTA briefing on the CRT census included an incomplete version of the census questions. We have updated the briefing and we hope we have managed to capture all of the questions now. See Information for NBTA members about CRT censusV2

Please complete the CRT census – giving CRT information will help our community because it is an opportunity to set out to CRT any issues you have faced due to CRT’s enforcement policy, especially the 20 mile range requirement, interfering with our basic rights and family life such as putting kids through school, securing and maintaining work or acting as a carer. If enough people can use the census to tell CRT of their experiences then this will create a powerful platform to lobby CRT for change. This really could be an opportunity to drive important messages to the Directors and Trustees at CRT but only if people fill in the census and set out the problems we face. Otherwise it may look to the CRT that there aren’t any problems.
The link to complete it is here https://canalrivertrust.welcomesyourfeedback.net/census22 – this is a link that anyone can use, it’s not personalised to anyone. If you’re worried about anonymity, borrow a phone or computer from someone who doesn’t live on a boat to complete it.