You can vote without a fixed address – register by May 7th if you want to vote in European election on May 23rd

Elections to the European Parliament will take place in the UK on May 23rd 2019 except in the very unlikely event that agreement on a Brexit deal is reached among MPs before 22nd May. If you live on a boat without a fixed address you can register to vote by declaring a local connection.The deadline for registering to vote in the the European election is 7th May.

Declaring a local connection simply means giving the name of a place where you spend a substantial amount of your time. Make sure you sign the declaration on the form. If you have a contact postal address you can give that as well, or you can collect any election-related mail such as polling cards, letters confirming you are on the register etc from the local electoral registration office.

You can download the form here

You will need to print and post the form as you can’t register online to vote if you are declaring a local connection.

Return the form by post to the Electoral Registration Officer for the place you have declared a local connection to. You can find their address at