Bath Council reconsiders decision to close Mead Lane moorings in winter following legal challenge

Following a Judicial Review challenge by Community Law Partnership (CLP) on behalf of a liveaboard boater, Bath & North East Somerset Council (BANES) is reconsidering its decision to close the 14 day moorings at Mead Lane, Saltford, on the River Avon between the beginning of November and the end of February every year. The judicial review has therefore been stayed until the end of June 2021. We would encourage any boaters who are concerned about the loss of these moorings to make submissions to BANES Council: contact

At a Cabinet Meeting on 8th October 2020 BANES Council decided to close the 14 day moorings at Mead Lane in winter. This was despite the fact that a report commissioned by BANES demonstrated that the moorings were perfectly safe and were essential since they were the only 14 day moorings between Bath and Bristol.

CLP is keen to hear from any liveaboard boaters who are affected by this decision and who might qualify for Legal Aid. You can contact CLP on the Travellers Advice Team (TAT) advice line 0121 685 8677. See also the latest TAT Newsletter here TATNewsEBulletin2021 June Version 2 010621