CRT drops Roving Mooring Permits due to concerns about legality

CRT announced on March 7th that its proposed Roving Mooring Permit scheme will not go ahead because they cannot be implemented lawfuly. The NBTA has always maintained that Roving Mooring Permits are unlawful. CRT’s press release said:

“In preparing the final details of the proposed schemes we have had to consider whether the restriction of the availability of permits to a particular group, in a specific area, was legally sound. A significant risk was identified that we might then be obliged to offer them more widely across the system to all boaters.  This was never our intention as we believe that the adoption of such a new national permit scheme is not desirable.  We appreciate that the late realisation of this has been frustrating for all those involved”.

The CRT press release can be downloaded here Roving mooring permits LONG