Energy grant campaign online meeting 25th January 7pm

Unlike the majority of people in the country many off-grid households are still left without the £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme grant, especially those of us without a fixed or residential address. Currently, there is no simple way for people like us to apply for the energy grant and in fact for most of us there is no means at all. This is despite the fact that second home owners received grants for each of their properties over 6 months ago .

The NBTA and others have been in talks with the Government around accessing the energy grant. However, the best that the Government has offered is a convoluted way of applying for the energy grant with the expectation of being denied to allow you to apply for another grant. This complicated route is currently only accessible at four specific clocal authorities in the country with no guarantee of success. If you are in those areas we still suggest you should try to apply via this route.

However, we are deep into winter and we need a simple and sure way to apply for the grant. We must campaign for better.

Please come to our online campaign meeting. It is at 7pm on Wednesday 25th January 2023, online or by phone:


Alternatively, you can phone in using these details:

Dial-in: +44 330 808 1706

PIN: 45925961#

Please keep signing and sharing this petition, see