Short term licence fee victory for NBTA

Following lobbying by the NBTA, CRT has stated that it will only charge boaters who have been forced to take a 3 or 6 month licence the 12-month fee pro rata instead of the advertised higher relative cost of its shorter licences. This followed a recent meeting with CRT’s new Head of Customer Service when the NBTA raised the issue that boaters who were refused 12-month licences following enforcement action were being forced to pay a higher relative amount. Ian Rogers of CRT said “those people who find that CRT have only offered a 3 or 6 month licence will be charged a pro rata amount of the full licence fee”.  The NBTA recommends that boaters who have been charged a premium for a shorter licence in these circumstances should make a formal complaint to CRT requesting a refund of the balance. The person to complain to is the Head of Enforcement and Licensing, Denise Yelland,