Voting without a residential address

The 2015 general election is less than two months away. If you want to vote, itinerant boat dwellers without a fixed address can register by declaring a local connection. You can download the form below. You can use it to register anywhere in the UK.

Electoral Registration Generic NFA

The registration process changed in 2014 and requires more information such as your date of birth and National Insurance number. This change has been made because of the move to individual voter registration, rather than household registration. People without a residential address have always needed to register individually so the change is not so great for us. You will need to register by the beginning of April to get on the register before the election. You cannot register online if you are declaring a local connection.

Send the form to the Electoral Registration Officer in the local authority where you have declared a local connection. You will find the Electoral Registration Officer’s address on the local authority’s web site and at the nearest library. If you have no address at all, you can use the electoral registration office address for mail relating to elections, such as voting cards.