Volunteer caseworker training days coming soon

Are you interested in helping boaters to deal with enforcement by navigation or other authorities? Would you like to be involved in making sure Bargee Travellers can exercise their rights, such as healthcare and welfare benefits? Are you already helping other liveaboard boaters with these and similar matters, or do you have experience of casework/ advocacy/ supporting vulnerable people?

The NBTA has a small team of Volunteer Caseworkers who do this, and we’re looking to train more people to join the team and to utilise more of our members’ existing expertise. Despite some success in protecting vulnerable boat dwellers, enforcement against Bargee Travellers is on the increase.

We will be running two Volunteer Caseworker Training Days in Autumn 2019. These will take place on a Saturday or Sunday between October and December. We are looking at running one training day in East London and one in the West Midlands. Depending on demand we may be able to run more training days in other locations, or run the planned training days in alternative locations. Entry is by donation, but no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds; we may be able to contribute towards travel costs. If there is an existing group who wish to do the training we can run a training day for your group.

The NBTA has not been able to run many Volunteer Caseworker Training Days in recent years due to other commitments, and we hope that as many members as possible will take part now. Non-members who have been involved in supporting boat dwellers / Bargee Travellers are also welcome to do the training.

Please contact secretariat@bargee-traveller.org.uk or 0118 321 4128 if you are interested.

For more information about NBTA Volunteer Caseworker Training Days see NBTA Volunteer Caseworker training day typical programme